Are Dionne and Jay moving to Sequim?

No! We are staying in Seattle and BallardWorks continues to be the place where we have our studios.

What has changed is that I am closing the Sev Shoon Arts Center so there will be no more public access to a printmaking studio; the other major change is that we recently bought property on Diamond Point (11 miles East of Sequim). Our plan is to develop an artist residency for short-term stays (one week to a month). Artists will be able to rent access to the house and the studio from October through May. Then, from June through September, it is a vacation rental, known as “Diamond Retreat”. An easy way to think about it, is that the property (buildings and garden) is Diamond Retreat, and Sev Shoon Artist Residency is the entity that will run the program: review applications, correspond with artists, give orientations, etc.

We spent most of our time on the property in February and March, and worked to turn the 500sf garage into a studio: we installed high quality lights, heat, water, a new insulated floor, replaced the garage door with french doors, and painted the walls. Though it is still empty of any equipment and furniture, it looks great!