The Beginning!

2-house_7991-300x225Jay and Dionne decided to celebrate the 2011 holidays in a different way than they had ever done: by themselves in a cabin in the middle of the woods outside of Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula. While relaxing, taking long walks, reading and cooking, they came up with the idea of buying a house, turning the garage into an art studio and making it available to artists for short-term residencies. Within hours, they found a few houses on-line, that seem to fit the profile, and on December 26th, they did a quick drive-by exploration. “One house stood out, and we met a realtor that afternoon. As we set foot on the huge porch that had caught our attention on the computer screen, we both felt like “this is it, we’re home”! The next morning, we made an offer and low and behold — it was accepted. All of a sudden, we look at each other and realized that we had just turned our life upside down!”

Dionne and Jay spent the month of January searching craigslist for furniture and household stuff. On Monday, January 30 — a month and 4 days after their first visit of the house — they were loading a 20-ft rental truck and Irvine (Dionne’s trusty VW van) and driving through the rainy evening to go spend their first night on an air mattress in the otherwise empty house, yet so full of exciting potentials!

And thus started the Sev Shoon Residency Program idea!